Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cursillo?
See History page for description.

What's with the rooster?
The rooster is a symbol of the Cursillo community. And watch out for rainbows; we like those, too!

What should I bring to a weekend?
A Cursillo Weekend requires you to spend two nights away from home. Although meals and accommodations are provided, you should bring whatever personal items you require, as well as your own towel, facecloth, and travel mug/mug, any special dietary foods/snacks. Check with your Sponsor for the location of the Weekend you are applying for.

Is there a cost for me to go on a weekend?
This is a much tougher question. While there are expenses incurred to conduct the weekends (food, accommodation, equipment rentals, etc.), we do not refuse applicants for financial reasons. However, as a non-profit organization, we rely on the majority of weekend participants to at least cover the expenses. Getting back to the original question, the weekend cost is around $200 per person. The cost is determined each year. No one will be denied the opportunity to attend a Cursillo Weekend due to financial concerns. A way will be found to assist anyone to cover the cost of weekend attendance.

How do I apply?
You need to be sponsored by someone who has already completed a weekend. Your parish priest can probably assist you in finding a sponsor within your parish. If not, contact our Pre-Cursillo Director, Victoria Henrikson, (902) 462-2575 or

Can anyone go on a weekend?
No, Cursillo is not for everyone. As we stated on our Home Page, the purpose of Cursillo is to help those in the Church understand their individual callings to be Christian leaders. This leadership may be exercised in work situations, in the family and social life, in leisure activities, and within the church. The Cursillo is not a substitute for your parish church. It is a movement of the Anglican Church, designed to help you to renew and enhance your Christian life, to enable you to function more fully in your parish.

I'm a Christian but not an Anglican; can I still go?
The best answer to that question is posted on our National Cursillo site in the Guideline Papers section entitled Interdenominational Participation.

We encourage all applicants to search out a Cursillo weekend of their own denomination. However, due to our unique geography and population distribution in the Maritimes, we have accepted non-Anglicans on past weekends. We anticipate that this policy will continue.