NS/PEI History

Although Cursillo started in the 1940's in Spain, it took some time to get established in Nova Scotia. However, once started in 1982 it grew quickly.

For those unfamiliar with Cursillo, here is a brief description:

Cursillo (n): (kur-SEE-yo) a Spanish word meaning "short course". The full title is Cursillo de Christiandad, meaning a short course in Christian living.

The purpose of Cursillo is to present a method of living which is fundamental for being a Christian in the world. Cursillo presents a way of structuring our Christian lives so as to make a difference in the world. Cursillo began in Majorca, Spain, during the 1940's in the Roman Catholic Church and has since spread to other communions. Cursillo is now active in more than fifty nations on five continents.

The Cursillo Movement is one method of renewal in the Church. Its purpose is to help those in the Church understand their individual callings to be Christian leaders. This leadership may be exercised in work situations, in the family and social life, in leisure activities, and within the church. The Cursillo is not a substitute for your parish church. It is a movement of the Anglican Church, designed to help you to renew and enhance your Christian life, to enable you to function more fully in your parish.

Here is the history of our local Cursillo Movement:

  • In the beginning...the story of our origins in Nova Scotia.
  • Pictures of the first Men's & Women's Weekends in 1983.
  • Definitions of some commonly used terms.

The Nova Scotia Anglican Cursillo Movement had its beginnings 1982.

A small number of Anglican men and women had experienced Cursillo through relationships, friendships and inter-denominational volunteer work. After several of them attended Roman Catholic Cursillo weekends, they decided to approach the Bishop for permission to initiate an Anglican Cursillo Movement in the Diocese of Nova Scotia. After due consideration and investigation, permission was granted and our Movement was born.

The very first team in 1983, and a number that followed, were made up of both Anglicans and Roman Catholics due to the small number of Anglican Cursillistas at that time. The spirit of sharing and co-operation between our Cursillo Movements continues to this day.

Note: Most of the original group who approached the Bishop and started the Nova Scotia Anglican Cursillo Movement are shown in the first Weekends pictures.